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The Story Of Deepavali

Deepavali had just passed. To celebrate this occasion theSun run picture story on one of the mythologies behind the celebration. On the front page of the Sun, on the eve deepavali ( Nov 12), we had a picture of a dancer in a multi exposure. ( like below) 

Then on the page 19, we run a picture story of how the evil King Narakasura was defeated which also marks the triumph of good over evil ( like below   

I would like to thank The Temple of Fine Arts for agreeing to do this photo shoot. Many thanks to the sun photographers Syed Azhar Syed Osman and Norman Hi who put their sweat and blood into this project. Now for the full story 

Headline: The story of Deepavali 
By Bissme S 

TOMORROW, Hindus all over Malaysia will becelebrating Deepavali, also known as the Festival of
Lights. There will be rituals to follow such as taking an oil bath, prayers to be said, putting on new clothes and preparing delicious food like ladoo, jalabi, murukku, mysore pak and adhirasam to be served to family, relatives, friends and guests who will be visiting them.
To celebrate this festival, theSun invited five dancers from the Temple of Fine Arts to tell in dance form the most popular mythology associated with the origin of this festival – the tale of King Narakasura who was corrupted by power and was in the end defeated by Lord Krishna and his wife Satyabhama in a
triumph of good over evil.

Scene 1
King Narakasura (played by PremSagar Krishnan, 23) has been praying and meditating for many years.

Scene 2
From heaven comes Lord Brahma (Nageshwaran Ramachandran, 13) to bless King Narakasura. Lord Brahma says to him: “I am impressed with your prayers. You can ask me for any thing you want.” Narakasura asks that no one can kill him except his mother,
Bhuma Devi (Printha Selvadurai, 20).

Scene 3
Knowing that no mother can kill her own flesh and blood, Narakasura becomes corrupted by absolute power. For years, he rules his kingdom with an iron fist bringing terror and misery to the people

Scene 4
Up in heaven, Lord Krishna (Pankhuri Agrawal, 21) and his wife Satyabhama (Swathi Sivadas, 21) hear the cries of the people. Lord Krishna says: “I have to save the people.” So war is declared between Lord Krishna and King Narakasura.

Scene 5
Lord Krishna is wounded in the battle. Satyabhama is furious and vows to kill Narakasura, who replies arrogantly that no one can kill him except his mother.

Scene 6
Satyabhama manages to defeat Narakasura who begs for his life. But she shows him no mercy and kills him.

Scene 7
Narakasura realises that Satyabhama is the reincarnation of his mother Bhuma Devi and that’s why she could defeat him. He breathes his last on his mother’s lap. He tells Satyabhama: “Do not cry mother. You have done the right thing to kill me as I have been evil. I’m glad to have you as my mother.” Showing regrets for being an evil king, Narakasura says that his death should be celebrated as a victory of light over darkness and the triumph of good over evil.

Scene 8
Because Narakasura has repented forhis evil deeds, he becomes a celestial being after his death. He then seeks blessings from both Lord Krishna and his wife Satyabhama.

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