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Alex Komang

I was digging into my file and found this old article where I have interviewed the famous Indonesian actor Alex Komang. The article was published September 28, 2004 Below is the full article. 

Suggested Headline: Addicted to Acting 
Indonesian actor Alex Komang tells Bissme S that acting is like a drug  

Watching Puteri Gunung Ledang, you cannot help but be impressed with the performance of Indonesian actor Alex Komang. His onscreen presence as Gusti Adipati Handaya Ningra is magnetic.
Alex started off as a writer, penning short stories, before moving to theatre and finally to the small and big screen. He won the best actor award in 1985 for his performance in Doea Tanda Mata. In this exclusive interview, the Jakarta-based actor talks about his career and life as an actor.

* What is your definition of acting?

Acting is a torture. Acting requires one to suffer.One must have discipline and learn to make sacrifices. But acting gives me great satisfaction. So I'm willing put up with the torture and the suffering. In my book, I regard whatever I have gone through as sweet suffering.

* What is the greatest sacrifice you had to make as an actor?

As an actor I have to hide my own personality and adopt the character's personality. Only after the shooting is over can I resume my own personality. It can be tiring.

* You started off as a writer. What motivated you to be an actor?

I dabbled in writing as a way of expressing myself. But in writing, you cannot fully express yourself; you cannot use your body or facial expressions. I wanted to use my body language to express myself. What I found lacking in writing, I managed to fulfil through acting.

* Are any of your family members involved in acting?

No. I am the first in my family to be in this line. My father is a teacher and was not keen on the idea of me becoming an actor. In our society, 'anak wayang' (artistes) don't command respect.

* Did your dad finally come to terms with your acting career? Is he proud of your achievement?

I don't know whether dad is proud of my achievements. I have never heard him say that. But honestly, in the end, I think my dad came to accept my choice of career.

* What influenced you to be a writer and actor?

My dad owned a small bookshop. I spent a lot time reading. This naturally led to my interest in writing. You could say my journey into the arts started from there. I joined a writing association that targeted youngsters. Slowly, from there, I was introduced to other forms of art such as theatre and cinema. Acting is like a drug. Once it enters your body, it will not leave you.

* You are father to three children (the eldest is 14 and the youngest five). Do you want your children to follow in your footsteps?

I don't encourage them, but neither do I influence them to stay away. They will have to find their own path in life. If they choose to be in this line, I will guide them. Being an old hand in this industry, I have some experience I can share.

* What do your children think of your acting ability? Are you their favourite actor?

My two older children are at the stage where they feel a little shy to say their father is their favourite actor. My youngest daughter is different. She is so biased. She will insist I am the best and most handsome actor. (he laughs)

* You are 41. You have directed TV shows and stage plays. So when are you going to direct a movie?

I don't believe you have to rush in to do things. In fact, I feel like 28 (pointing at his heart). Many people have commented I look younger than my age. Some even ask me whether I am still single (he says laughing out loud).

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