Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Rosyam Nor & Isyarat Cinta

Today, theSun publishes my interview with actor cum producer Rosyam Nor and actress Liyana Jasmay who talks about their latest movie Isyarat Cinta. Below is the full story  

Headline: Torn Between Two Lovers  
By Bissme S

Film producer-actor Rosyam Nor is sending out a signal in his company’s upcoming release, Isyarat Cinta. At a recent press conference, he said: “We have seen many Malay movies tackling love themes. But very few have a love story involving people with disabilities. I wanted to show that they are no different from the rest of us. They have the same feelings like us. They, too, want to love and be loved.”
Isyarat Cinta is about a blind woman, Dhia, who is torn between loving two men – businessman Iskandar who is deaf and handsome tourist guide Ariel.
Opening in cinemas on March 19, this RM1.5 million movie stars award-winning actress Liyana Jasmay in the lead with Adi Putra as Iskandar and Fizo Omar as Ariel.
Rosyam, an award-winning actor himself, said all three leads managed to give fantastic performances in the film helmed by Bade Azmi.
But with many Malay movies doing quite badly at the box office lately, one wonders if Rosyam is not worried about the fate of this film.
He admitted that many movies did not make a profit last year but he was lucky that his movie, Balistik, bucked the trend and turned a profit.
“I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will be lucky with Isyarat Cinta, too,” he says. 
“I believe my fans know I will not present an inferior product.That is the reason they come and see my films. They have faith that the movies I make will not disappoint them.
Hopefully, they will leave the cinema entertained.
“Isyarat Cinta is a simple story but it has many beautiful messages that will touch your heart and make you cry.”
Liyana added that playing a blind woman was challenging but she is thrilled to have tackled the role.
“I just observed how blind people interact and adapted what I have observed into my character. I am eager to see the audience’s reaction to my performance.”
Like Rosyam, Liyana has also spread her wings and started her own production company called Mermaid Studios. So far, she has produced several television shows.
Next month, she will be producing her first feature film. Called Bella & Jamie, it is a comedy about two best friends who fall for the same guy and become enemies. Expect their cat fights to 
have some hilarious moments.
Liyana also harbours dreams of sitting in the director’s chair. She has so far directed a number of short films. One of them, Jerat, was shown at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York last year.
“I am directing short films to build up my confidence to tackle my first feature film,” she added.
Meanwhile, Rosyam is already looking at his next project, producing a comedy entitled Rempit Sampai Ke Langit.It’s about a Mat Rempit who is given some enhanced fuel by a scientist. The fuel is infused with unique properties, allowing his motorbike to drive at superfast speeds, even beating a Ferrari in a race at one point! Naturally, this leads to other hilarious shenanigans along 
the way.This film is also directed byBade, and will hit cinemas early next year.
Rosyam will team up with Bade again on another film, this time, a religious movie called Temu Janji Dengan Allah that talks about life, death and God.
The film will start shooting at the end of the year. As for returning to acting, Rosyam said he has become choosy about the script and the role. He recently appeared in Chowrasta under the direction of Razak Mohidden where he plays a gangster who wants his nephew to study hard and get proper paper qualifications from the university.
“The movie emphasises the importance of education,” he added.

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