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On last Thursday, theSun published an interview I did with the actress Lisa Surihani who will be expecting her first child soon. She talks about her career and motherhood. Here is the full interview 

Headline: Becoming A Mother 

Lisa Surihani has proven that she is an actress to be reckoned with by winning three main awards. In 2008, she walked away with the Most Promising Actress award for her performance in I’m Not Single at the 21st Malaysian Film Festival.
Two years later, she grabbed the Best Actress award for Lagenda Budak at the 23rd Malaysian Film Festival. She also won the Best Supporting Actress at the Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian for Ombak Rindu the same year. 
In 2012, she married actor cum film director Yusry Abdul Halim
and now , Lisa, 29, is pregnant with their first child. 
In this exclusive interview, she answers the  following

*Tell us about your early years in the entertainment industry?

When I was 11, a relative of mine suggested that I should try my luck as a TV commercial talent. I loved the idea because I could be earning my own money at a young age. So I sent my resume to several advertising agencies. Interestingly, my first few jobs were appearing in telemovies. I became a child artiste. My parents were strict in making sure that I did not miss school and that I never neglected my studies. All my shootings had to be done during my school holidays. I only became a fulltime actress after graduating with a law degree.
My advice to every child artiste out there is never to miss school. Going to school is not just for your education and getting a paper qualification. Going to school gives you a normal childhood. It is important for every child to have a normal childhood. In Hollywood, we have seen many cases where child stars became messed up adults because they did not have a normal childhood.

*Why did your relative suggest that you try your luck at being a TV commercial talent?

It could be because I was very bubbly, lively, chatty and always laughing. But I was not always like that. When I was in kindergarten, I was always picked  on. I was a victim of bullying. I became
an introvert and hardly opened my mouth. It is only when I went to
primary school that I gained more confidence in myself. I was not bullied during primary school.

* You got married at 26. Were you afraid that marriage would hurt your career?

I never had second thoughts about marrying Yusry. The stigma that once an actress gets married, she will no longer be popular is outdated. Today’s audience are more mature. In fact, the trend now is that fans love you more if you are married and have children. They always love a celebrity family.

* You are starting a new chapter in your life as a mother soon. How areyou preparing for motherhood?

I have read many books on pregnancy and motherhood. Most of them are written by Caucasians. You cannot accept everything that they have written because we ( Asians) are a little different from them in terms of physicality and culture. I also attended many forums on pregnancy and motherhood.

* Are you still going to act after giving birth to your first child?

I am not sure what I am going to do next. But I am passionate about acting. Before getting pregnant, I had a hectic schedule. I was shooting films back to back. I cannot continue with that kind
of schedule after having a baby.Having this baby will bring a huge change in my life. But I know of some actresses such as Fasha Sandha who  has managed to balance motherhood and their acting career.

* Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I hope I am still acting then. I recently directed a short film. After directing the short film, I have new respect for my husband. irecting a film is not an easy task. You have to be involved in every aspect of the film. Who knows I might try my hand at directing a film. 


*Who is one person you’d like to meet?

Angelina Jolie. It will be very interesting to talk to her. She is a woman of substance. She is not just a pretty face.

* What are your strengths?

I always see the good in everything. If you allow negativity to weigh you down, it is not good for you in the long run.

* What are your weaknesses?

My mum says I am too generous and sometimes she worries that some people might take advantage of me. She always tells me to do everything in moderation.

* What is one change you’d like to see taking place in this country?

It will be great if we get to see healthy debates between politicians
from different political parties on our television screens. 
Lisa with her Husband Yusry

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