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Polis Evo

Shaheizy Sam & Zizan Razak

Yesterday the sun published the interview I have done to promote the film Polis Evo which will hit the cinemas on Sept 17. Below is the full article 
Headline: On The Side of the Law
By Bissme S 
You might think having two big stars acting together in one film will end up with a clash of egos. But that was not the case on the set of Polis Evo, Ghaz Abu Bakar’s latest film.
The director says he did not face any such problem with his two leads, popular comedian Zizan Razak and award-winning actor Shaheizy Sam, both of whom enjoy a huge fan base. To prevent any conflicts on set, Ghaz said he made sure the script was fair to both his lead actors.
“I gave them equal screen time and equally challenging roles,” says the director, who has worked with Zizan a few times – in Hantu Kapcai (2012), Tokan (2013) and this year’s Cicakman 3.
“I made sure I did not give more attention to one actor over the other,” says Ghaz.
"Nobody felt neglected on my set.”
Moreover, Ghaz has known both actors long before this film project started.
“They respect me as a director and a friend. They are professionals and listen to what I have to say.”
Both actors agree there was no enmity on set between them.
“I do not believe in overshadowing my costars,” says Sam, who has acted in more than 20 films.
“It always takes teamwork to make a scene effective and believable.”
He stressed that an actor’s job is to make his role look convincing and not to plot on how to steal the thunder from his co-stars.
In fact, to create chemistry between their characters, Sam made it a point to hang out with Zizan off- camera.
“We would go for meals and discuss our characters,” he says.
Their intense discussions motivated the actors to give better performances. Zizan also sings high praises of his co-star, adding that he has always admired Sam as an actor because he feels Sam always puts his heart and soul into any character he plays.
Polis Evo also marks the first time the two actors have worked together on a film. This buddy cop action film isproduced under the Astro Shaw banner and centres on two police officers, Inspector Khai (played by Sam) and Inspector Sani (Zizan). The two come from different backgrounds – Khai is a city cop, while Sani is from a rural area. Their opposing personalities and styles put them at loggerheads, yet, they must work together to take down a drug syndicate.
According to Ghaz: “Both characters are smart but their method of solving crime is totally different.
“They also have big egos and this prevents them from becoming friends. However, they have to put their animosity aside to solve a crime.”
According to Zizan, the experience on this film has been really memorable.
“Sam is never stingy in sharing his knowledge with me,” he says,
adding that this role also allows the audience to see a different – more
serious – side of him, where his jokes are more subtle.
“What I like best about this film is that it does not focus on the
action scenes alone. It also emphasises the relationship between the two cops as well as that of their family members.”
For Sam, his character Khai is a serious cop who is good at his job but not good in forming relationships with other people.
“Secretly, I think Khai is a little jealous of Sani because Sani has family and friends who love him.”
To get into the skin of his character, Sam bulked up by spending five months in the gym and eating a strict, high protein diet.
“What I am doing is nothing new,” he says as he strongly believes that an actor must mould himself to fit into the character that he is playing,
whether it’s working out or gaining weight.
His role in Polis Evo also has a special meaning for Sam, as his late father was a policeman.
“Most of the time, my father went to work very early in the morning and came home late at night,” he recalls.
“As a result, I did not get to see much of him. He was a disciplinarian and did not talk much. He died when I was hardly 12. I did not get a chance to know my father well. But I remembered I wanted to be a cop just like him.”
Indeed, playing this role has allowed him to fulfil his childhood dreams and, in a way, get to know his father a little better.
“Now, I know how it feels to be a policeman,” he says.
Polis Evo will be in cinemas starting from Sept 17.

Scenes from Police Evo 

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