Saturday, March 25, 2017

Amy Search

The Malaysian iconic rock singer Amy Search talks to theSun his business venture.  Read the full story here 

 Headline : More Labels to His Name 
By Bissme S
MALAYSIAN rock icon Amy Search will be strutting his stuff to a different tune come April 2 – and the singer is all excited about the upcoming event. Amy, whose real name is Suhaimi Abdul Rahman, will be taking to the catwalk at the Asia Islamic Fashion Week event at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. “This will not be my first time walking the runway,” says Amy who hails from Johor Baru.
In the past, renowned Malaysian designers had used this legendary icon to promote their clothes. But this event will be different for him as it will be the first time Amy will be showcasing his own label and wearing his own designs.
Four years ago, the singer took his first steps into the fashion world after noticing that vendors at the local night markets were selling replicas of the high songkoks that he used to wear in his concerts, and calling them Amy Search Songkok. That inspired him to start his own line of songkoks. Last year, he took an even bigger step by producing a series of jubahs which sold like hot cakes. 
“It was not only the men who were wearing my jubahs,” Amy recalls.
“Even the women were wearing them! My jubah has become a popular [unisex] fashion wear. It was great to see people wearing the designs I had created.”
For the coming event on April 2, Amy will be showcasing seven different designs of menswear under his label, General Products by Amy Search.
“I have always had a passion for fashion and music,” explains Amy on his latest venture.
Now that he has realised his passion for music, he is happy to see his passion for fashion turning into reality with the launch of his clothing label. As he draws a lot of inspiration from Islamic design elements, Amy feels that the Asia Islamic Fashion Week (from March 30 to April 2) is the perfect platform to unveil his designs.
Some critics have accused him of putting too much emphasis on Arab elements in his designs to the detriment of  Malay culture. But Amy insists he has not forgotten his Malay roots. In fact, he is planning to come out with a series of baju Melayus for the coming Hari Raya. 
Asked if he is worried over the possibility of his designs being copied and sold at cheaper prices, Amy says: “Piracy happens in any business. You cannot avoid it. But I know my diehard fans and supporters will only buy my designs. Even those days when my albums were being pirated, many of my fans supported me and bought my original albums.”
Amy also has plans to turn another of his passions into a business. His love for coffee has pushed him to come out with his own brand called Phewiiit, which will be launched at the end of the year.
He has other business ventures in the pipeline as well, but will only reveal them “when the time is right”.
As for his music career, he admits it has taken a backseat in his life at the moment.
“I will perform whenever I am called upon to do so,” he adds.
But you cannot deny [that] the music industry is not as glorious as it was in the olden days. This is not only happening in Malaysia but everywhere. Even some big recording companies overseas are selling their assets, closing down and merging.”
As a result, Amy says singers have to venture into other businesses to survive. Next year, the singer will be birthday and he has expressed a desire to come out with an autobiography to mark his 35 years in the music industry.
“When I first started my career in the music industry, I never thought I will last this long,” he adds.
When asked the secret to his still youthful looks and spirit, Amy replies with a laugh: “I mix with younger people.”  
Actually, it might have a lot to do with his philosophy: “You are never too old to live your life to the fullest.” Amy lives it, taking up skydiving and scuba diving recently, and climbing Mount Kinabalu last year.

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